Joe Pug

Record Details

Lightning Rod Records - Joe Pug - Windfall


  1. Bright Beginnings -:-- / 3:34
  2. Veteran Fighter -:-- / 3:36
  3. Stay and Dance -:-- / 3:31
  4. The Measure -:-- / 3:17
  5. Great Hosannas -:-- / 4:07
  6. Burn and Shine -:-- / 3:33
  7. O My Chesapeake -:-- / 5:09
  8. Windfallen -:-- / 3:07
  9. Pair of Shadows -:-- / 3:09
  10. If Still It Can’t Be Found -:-- / 2:49

From Amazon:
His rise has been as improbable as it has been impressive. After dropping out of college and taking on work as a carpenter in Chicago, he got his musical start by providing CDs for his fans to pass along to their friends. This led to a string of sold out shows and a record deal with Nashville indie Lightning Rod Records. (Jason Isbell, Billy Joe Shaver). The following years would have him on the road for over four hundred shows, including stops at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Newport Folk Festival. The aim on Windfall was very straightforward, Pug explains. We wanted to capture the music just the way we play it, with minimal production. It was a very back to basics approach because ultimately that s what I love about music, and that s what I love about making music. I wanted to record these songs the way
they were written and put them out in the world.