Waging Peace

Alex Williams

Record Details

Lightning Rod Records - Alex Williams - Waging Peace


  1. No Reservations -:-- / 3:45

Available October 21st

Williams says of Waging Peace:
A few of these tunes were born during the recent halt to our normal lives we have all experienced. Before I made my first record, I had not toured, I had no road band, and a very slim amount of experience in the studio. These past 4 years since leaving Big Machine to become fully independent, and the release of Better Than Myself has been a whirlwind, and I’ve learned so much from so many great artists and bands that I have had the pleasure of touring with, and unbelievably thankful they provided me with a stage to play on including artists Whitey Morgan, Blackberry Smoke, and Cody Jinks. Taught me the importance of being at the wheel of your own destiny on an independent platform as a musician. I was really on edge for a while about the frustrations of not being able to come out with another album in so long, but I’m very glad that I have waited 5 years to make another record because it’s given me the time to really focus on finding my voice as a songwriter, experiencing life on the road and all the pain and joy that has come my way in more ways than one. The pandemic gave me more than enough time to sit and really think about what I wanted to say. As it goes, you have your whole life to write your first record, and I capitalized on a few things that I had experienced and gone through, but it was limited with how green I was at the time, with only a surface level view of where I wanted to go musically.