Quaker City Night Hawks

Record Details

Lightning Rod Records - Quaker City Night Hawks - QCNH


  1. Better In The Morning -:-- / 3:14
  2. Suit In The Back -:-- / 2:53
  3. Colorado -:-- / 4:01
  4. Pay To Play -:-- / 4:24
  5. Fox In The Henhouse -:-- / 4:20
  6. Hunter’s Moon -:-- / 2:56
  7. Elijah Ramsey -:-- / 5:03
  8. Grackle King -:-- / 5:21
  9. Tired Of You Leaving -:-- / 3:00
  10. Freedom -:-- / 3:03

From Amazon:
The last time we heard from the Quaker City Night Hawks, they were traveling the country in support of their Lightning Rod Records debut, El Astronauta, an album that mixed the greasy strut of 1970s rock with doses of down-and-dirty Texas blues, science fiction, and Bible Belt boogie. The guys were Texans by birth, but their music whipped up its own geography. Arriving two years later, 2018’s QCNH ramps up that diversity with 10 new songs rooted in vintage R&B grooves, Stax-worthy funk, and guitar-fueled psychedelia. “We’ve always been a rock & roll band,” says Sam Anderson, who spits the band’s singing, songwriting, and guitar-playing duties with David Matsler. “There’s a big ’70s influence and a strong southern element to everything we do. With this record, though, we’re exploring the sounds we’ve haven’t touched upon as often. It’s the deepest we’ve ever gone into our influences, and the widest range of sounds we’ve ever tied together.”