Have Mercy

Paul Cauthen

Record Details

Lightning Rod Records - Paul Cauthen - Have Mercy


  1. Everybody Walkin’ This Land -:-- / 3:06
  2. Resignation -:-- / 3:41
  3. Have Mercy -:-- / 4:04
  4. Lil Son -:-- / 4:08
  5. My Cadillac -:-- / 4:08
  6. Tumbleweed -:-- / 4:26
  7. In Love With A Fool -:-- / 3:13

From Amazon:
Cauthen has been the strongest, loudest singer in the room for as long as he can remember. He grew up in Tyler, Texas, where his grandfather––a songwriter and gospel song leader originally from Lubbock who worked with artists including Buddy Holly, Sonny Curtis, and other Crickets–– taught Cauthen and his two sisters to sing harmony. Since Cauthen released his debut LP  My Gospel, he’s criss-crossed the country supporting artists like Elle King, Cody Jinks, Margo Price, and Ryan Bingham. In 2018, he’ll play Pickathon, Stagecoach, gig with Shaky Graves, and take his band of aces around world.